A fancy schmancy restaurant in Paris is being accused of doing the despicable. A former employee of the Georges is accusing the restaurant of sitting patrons according to aesthetics. Ugly in the back, pretty in the front.

“There are beautiful people, you put them here; there are not beautiful people, you put them there,” a former hostess said her boss told her, according to newspaper Le Canard Enchaine.  

The former employee said her bosses, Gilbert and Jean-Louis Costes, were proud of their policy.

“He drummed these house rules into us, and he was very proud of them because he came up with them,” she claimed.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the staff also had to learn “linguistic clues” when taking reservations over the phone.  These clues would help them decide whether they were hot to trot, or ugly to the bone. The only exceptions to the rules were celebrities. So do the ugly and pretty French people parle francais differently?

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  • I am very curious about the vocal clues, like… How can you hear that a person is ugly?

  • Some people can be very superficial, does it really matter.

  • I thought all restaurants subconsciously did this… at the least with the people who most look like the patrons they want to frequent their establishment…

  • M

    How do they determine ugly? Wouldn’t it change every day? Like if Tyra banks happened to be dining that day I would be in the back but if it was just average people the middle. How do they consistently decide ugly?