Earlier this year Cecile Kyenge, Italy’s first black cabinet member, was the target of a rape “joke”. A member of the Northern League wrote that Kyenge should be raped so she could understand what a recent victim of an attempted rape in Genoa experienced. Dolores Valandro attempted to apologize for the remark, and called it a “joke”. Shortly after that incident, Kyenge had bananas thrown at her during a rally.

Unfortunately things haven’t gotten better for Kyenge.  Fabio Rainieri, a member of Italy’s anti-immigrant Northern League party, posted a photo which shows a black minister with the head of a monkey under the caption: “Guess who it is???”

In true racist fashion, when Rainieri was contacted by a local Italian newspaper, he denied the image was directed at anyone in particular. He also said he had nothing to do with the photo.

“It’s not written anywhere, there’s no reference to her. If you say so then I’ll take legal action,” he said.

“I didn’t write it, it was whoever manages my Facebook page.”

Racists love denying their racism.

The post, which has since been removed, is just a long list of issues that Kyenge has been dealing with since she’s been in office.  When asked why he removed the photo, Rainieri said,  “I took it down because I don’t like this kind of thing. Cartoons are fine, but not this kind of thing.”


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