ct-met-ged-dupage-c-0930-em-jpg-20130929A new version of the GED will be released next January that will invalidate past scores. This change and the fear of a more challenging exam have pushed more test takers to sign up for the test before the December 31 deadline, AP reports.

The new version of the GED eliminates the traditional paper and pencil test. Test takers will now have to take the exam by computer instead. It is also more rigorous and expensive; the new version will cost test takers $120 instead of $80 in most states. Exam officials say that the changes are being made to keep the test up to date with other college and career-ready examinations that have been adopted by several states.

Knowing that these changes are coming, states and local offices are calling people and mailing out letters, especially  to individuals who have passed parts of the exam but not all sections.

Executive Vice President at GED Testing Service Nicole Chestang told AP that the rush was expected. In 2001, the last year that an upgrade was made, there was a 30 percent increase in test takers towards year-end.

Some people have openly criticized the testing service’s changes, particularly over the price increases and computer adaptation because these are issues that directly impacts the poor. Some individuals still may not have access to a computer and may find taking the exam on one – a practice that is not adopted in traditional K-12 schooling – more difficult.

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  • deedee_dubois

    I honestly think that the makers of this test are doing the right thing by making it more standardized and up to date like other test such as the GRE SAT ect . As far as the difficulty of the test I don’t think that is an issue either. High school education is becoming more complex almost on a college level, the reason being is because they want students to be prepared for college. If they are going to be handing out GED’s (just a second form of a high school diploma) they want the test takers to be on the same level as students who actually get high school diplomas. Is there anything wrong with that?

    As far as the cost maybe they will offer a discount for low income test takers.

  • chnyere

    $80?! They charging $170 here in Florida!!

  • K

    look..im a college graduate thrice over ..2 masters and a bachelors so i value education and all i can say is i truly pray that this wont discourage people. A GED is often the first stepping stone of those with lets say ..questionable backgrounds…into mainstreaming into society and living life normally instead of criminally. I applaud the more rigorous testing..having never even seen one question of a GED test i have no clue but i will go with more rigorous the better…

    what i DONT agree with is fee increase and computer w/o some computer training. fact of the matter is i teach elementary and i know for a fact some of my students do not have access to computers outside of school. There ONLY interaction with computers is at school. nobody has time or is taking them to libraries (for example) to get access to computers so i believe iyt may hinder some…

    sorry using an iphone or android does not equal COMPUTER literacy