Monica McBride, Walter Ray Simmons

Monica McBride and Walter Ray Simmons, the parents of Renisha McBride, held a press conference on Friday to speak about the charges filed against their daughter’s murderer, Theodore “Ted” Wafer.

Although McBride’s parents are relieved to see the wheels of justice turning they refuse to accept Wafer’s “self-defense” excuse.

“I couldn’t accept no apology because my daughter don’t breathe no more,” said her father, Walter Ray Simmons. “I believe this man took my daughter’s life for no reason. We just want justice done.”

Wafer, 54, was arraigned Friday afternoon on the murder and manslaughter charges as well as a felony weapons charge. A probable cause hearing was set for Dec. 18.

Interestingly enough, the McBride’s don‘t want to make Renisha’s murder one about racism.

“We didn’t want to make this a racial situation. We didn’t want to inflame anybody,” family attorney Gerald Thurswell said. “The family is not taking a position that this is black or white. You don’t take a gun and shoot somebody because there’s a noise outside.”

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  • “You don’t take a gun and shoot somebody because there’s a noise outside.”

    Say it loud so they can hear you in the nosebleed seats!!! I don’t even understand the dudes self-defense crap. Ok you called the police first, good. But if you were really scared, instead of trying to be freaking Rambo you could’ve went into an interior room of your home with your shotgun and only used it if the person actually came in. Just ridiculous.

  • I hope there is some justice.