Stop-and-Frisk Ruling Stopped By Federal Appeals Court

New York City police caused quite civil rights stir after several citizens began reporting that the region’s stop-and-frisk laws were too invasive and an offshoot of racial profiling. Back in August, Judge Shira Scheindlin stated that the NYPD had indeed violated citizens’ rights through racial profiling and targeted searches.

What came as a move towards victory however was stalled Thursday when a federal appeals court found that Scheindlin “ran afoul of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges,” by exposing her partiality through granted interviews about the case. Scheindlin has been taken off the case and thus her ruling, which would have reformed the law enforcement system around these issues, is momentarily blocked.

A new judge will be selected to lead the case and a new set of arguments will not be heard until March of 2014.

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  • Gell0h0h

    Somehow… I just don’t buy it. Amerikkka,

  • Ask_Me

    I wonder what the naysayers have to say about the rise in gun violence since the ruling against stop and frisk.

    Folks can ignore the elephant in the room and point to “racial profiling” all they want. That won’t change reality. Rather than marching against “racial profiling” I think Al Perm and ’em need to look at the behavior that leads to something like stop and frisk in the first place.

    • BlackMalePrivilege

      You should probably never comment on this subject again:

      Fact 1: No research has ever proven the effectiveness of New York City’s stop-and-frisk regime, and the small number of arrests, summonses, and guns recovered demonstrates that the practice is ineffective. Crime data also do not support the claim that New York City is safer because of the practice. While violent crimes fell 29 percent in New York City from 2001 to 2010, other large cities experienced larger violent crime declines without relying on stop and frisk abuses: 59 percent in Los Angeles, 56 percent in New Orleans, 49 percent in Dallas, and 37 percent in Baltimore.

      Stop-and-Frisk abuses corrode trust between the police and communities, which makes everyone less safe. Don’t believe us? Then listen to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly in 2000: “[A] large reservoir of good will was under construction when I left the Police Department in 1994. It was called community policing. But it was quickly abandoned for tough-sounding rhetoric and dubious stop-and-frisk tactics that sowed new seeds of community mistrust.”

      Fact 2: The murder drop happened before Bloomberg took office and before the explosion in stop-and-frisk. The year before the mayor took office there were 649 murders in New York City. In 2011, there were 526 murders. This 19 percent drop is important, but to suggest that murders were cut in half because of stop-and-frisk is simply wrong.

      Fact 3: Further, stop-and-frisk has not reduced the number of people who fall victim to shootings. In 2002, there were 1,892 victims of gunfire and 97,296 stops. In 2011, there were still 1,821 victims of gunfire but a record 685,724 stops.

      Guns are found in less than 0.2 percent of stops. That is an unbelievably poor yield rate for such an intrusive, wasteful and humiliating police action. Yet, stop-and-frisk has increased more than 600 percent under Bloomberg and Kelly. And the rate of finding guns is worsening as the NYPD stops more innocent people each year.

      Fact 3: Comparing police stops to violent crime suspects is bad math. Only 11 percent of stops in 2011 were based on a description of a violent crime suspect. On the other hand, from 2002 to 2011, black and Latino residents made up close to 90 percent of people stopped, and about 88 percent of stops – more than 3.8 million – were of innocent New Yorkers. Even in neighborhoods that are predominantly white, black and Latino New Yorkers face the disproportionate brunt. For example, in 2011, Black and Latino New Yorkers made up 24 percent of the population in Park Slope, but 79 percent of stops. This, on its face, is discriminatory.

    • Ask_Me

      Oh look…it’s my stalker again…C’mon Son aka SMH aka BlackMalePrivilege

      As long as black women and children find themselves living in communities were certain folks refuse to police themselves I plan to speak on this subject.

      The only thing standing between upstanding citizens and thugs is law enforcement. I personally support their effort to eliminate crime, violence and criminals from communities.

      Again, address the behavior that leads to “stop and frisk.”

      As far as I’m concerned, Detroit, Chicago, Oakland and ’em need to jump on board with their own versions of stop and frisk….to combat the nonsense known as “Stop Snitching.”