Students in Baton Rouge Can Now Re-do Tests, AssignmentsIf you had the chance to re-do an assignment for a better grade would you? Some students in Baton Rouge, Louisiana now actually have the option to do just that.

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System Central Office just endorsed a new policy that would allow students the opportunity to re-do assignments and re-take tests regardless of what grade they originally received, WBRZ.com reports.

The new policy is inline with a series of student rights that were first created by Belaire and Tara High Schools. These rights allow students to request a make-up test, to re-do assignments in order to better understand information, to replace grades if they failed to understand an assignment, and to receive grades that reflect information that the know.

According to EBR Associate Superintendent Orlando Ramos the new policies reflect opportunities that already exist outside of the school system.

“In the real world if you failed the bar exam, you can re-take it. If you fail your teachers’ certification exam, you can re-take it,” Ramos told WBRZ.

However some students questioned the policy change.

“If you don’t do it the first time and you have no intentions of doing it, why get a second chance?” Belaire High School senior Ekeidra Lanehart asked.

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  • Susan

    The last comment made by a senior high school student shows that she is too ignorant to be allowed to graduate from high school. If someone wants to make the effort to redo a test or assignment it is because they want to improve their grade. Otherwise, they wouldn’t redo it.

  • Lo

    As a former high school teacher, I don’t think this is the good idea. We had a policy that students could make up a failed assignment with a maximum score of 70. This is good in theory but only about 90% of my students would get a higher grade the second time around. They wouldn’t take the first exam seriously because they knew there would be a second chance and they still wouldn’t study for the second one! Also, there are complaints from college professors because students get to college and expect to have the same policies in place. They need to try their best the first time and live with the consequences.

  • Black Womanist

    I taught in Baton Rouge. This policy will not make an ounce of difference. Most of those kids would not pass a test with the answers on the board. They don’t pay attention. They don’t study or do homework. Education in Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge especially, is a cesspool of underachievement. Passing (called “Basic”) in Louisiana is a 55. Even the kids that are “passing” are well behind the curve.