Lonnie Johnson, founder of the Super Soaker, has been awarded a nearly $73 million settlement from Hasbro Inc. for unpaid royalties according to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution. The nuclear engineer, Tuskegee University Ph.D. and former NASA scientist invented the Super Soaker, which was licensed to Larami Corporation and was later purchased by Hasbro.

His company, Johnson Research and Development Co., has been in a licensing dispute with Hasbro since February, claiming Hasbro has underpaid royalties for the Nerf line from 2007 to 2012.

Johnson invented the Super Soaker in 1989, which has since reached almost $1 billion in sales. He holds approximately 80 patents, with more than 20 pending and his other inventions have include rechargeable battery technology and thermodynamic energy conversion technology. We’re glad the living legend is finally getting his due.


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  • BeanBean

    The man who invented Super Soaker is black!!! WHOOOO!! I’m disturbed by the fact that I assumed the creator was a white man, but that’s a whole deep topic to discuss on a later date. I’m glad he won, he deserves his money.

    • Brad

      He is also a HBCU graduate.

  • I’d watch a movie about him instead of another movie about slavery

    • jjbrooks

      SERIOUSLY!!! My friends around have been talking about that issue alot lately. Like we hate to say we’re tired of hearing about slavery but we’re now interested in learning what happened after..there’s alot of our success stories not being told..like Lonnie’s. I had NO IDEA a black man invented the super soaker. Like what?! incredible and so many memories are attached to that toy and Its great to know someone of my race played a huge part in that!

    • lola289

      Irregardless, it’s all apart of our history.

    • Ashley.

      *sigh* you used irregardless. Get your life.

  • Starla

    I remember reading about him in a magazine and that he had sold the product for 20 mil. Good that he could what was owned to him. He is quite the inventor.

  • This is the type of information that needs to be talked about, written about, and promoted. Even though I don’t own anything from Nerf’s water gun line, I love the fact that the man is an engineer, a scientist, a creator, an innovator, a business man, a brilliantly talented black man!

  • lola289

    Congrats to him! Keep inventing great products!