Nate Hill is a performance artist.

And he’s serious about his work.

Hill’s art has been making people gasp since his first piece in 2008 that included taxidermy tours of New York City’s Chinatown garbage. On top of that, he’s done even more outrageous things like throwing food at pedestrians while riding his bike and wearing a dolphin suit while delivering fake crack.

Hill’s most recent project delves into race issues.  “Trophy Scarves,”  involves Hill traveling to the homes of white women and having them strip so that he can drape them around his shoulders like a scarf.

In a recent interview with Vice, Hill, who was raised by both his white mother and black father, gave some insight behind his “Trophy Scarves” project.

Hill says he’s taking a satirical look at interracial dating and the idea that black men see white women as status symbols.  This isn’t Hill’s first race themed project. Hill’s “White Power Milk,” is a website he operates where you can order milk gargled by white women.

You can view Hill’s Instagram to take a look at a few of his “scarves”.

Clutchettes, what’s your take on Trophy Scarves? Deep-rooted social commentary or just a publicity stunt?


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  • This is a striking imagery piece to say the least. I don’t believe it objectifies the women in the way most people are are think but, rather exaggerates the belief that some m of color hold about caucasian women as an object to show he’s “made it” in life. The last piece to there a skewed perception of their “American Dream” brought to reality. Of course this is not the feelings of all men of color who are in interracial relationships, some just have a preferences for women outside their culture, which is completely fine.

    As a woman of color I’ve never felt a way about men of color dating/marrying outside their race, however, if he does it to spite his cultural background and demean his sisters of color, that’s a whole other mentality that I do not support in any shape, form or fashion. This piece is certain to strike up some feelings of negativity, wonderment, and bewilderment but, it is art. An as an artist, we live for reaction and social commentary,

    Some discussions bring a certain uncomfortable edge to the table but, we can’t keep avoiding them forever.

  • thetruth

    Black women do the same $hit with white men. And nobody better even try to lie about it.
    95% of the black female blogosphere is dedicated to singing the praises of nonblack men.

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