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  • Kanye West is officially a joke.

  • Tina L

    I watched the Kanye video & this one on mute so I have not heard the “music” but I still think the Kanye KimK video is funner & more ridiculous than the parody. I could not stop laughing when I was watching the KK version. As I have said before, I think Kanye & Jay are playing a big joke on the world & just waiting to see if anyone takes it seriously. I think the conversation is like, (K) yo, watch these MFs pay $150 for a tshirt because my name is on it, (J) Dog, I can top that, watch these idiots pay $700 for a $30 ski mask that they’ll get arrested in the first time they wear it in the streets.

    • cool

      Nope. I think Kanye has seriously lost his mind, and he has serious delusions of grandeur. He also seems to really want validation from white people.

    • He lives for white validation. On his radio show a few years back, Jamie Foxx said Kanye told him that you don’t “make it” until white people start loving you. Kanye’s not the only black person in the industry who thinks this way. They never care about the black audience who rides with them from the beginning. It’s all about twisting themselves in knots to capture the love and attention of white folks.

  • A. DiOnna

    Is it wrong to say that I took this video more seriously than the original?

    • @A. Dionna,
      If it’s wrong then I don’t want to be right.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    I wonder how hard it was for them to keep a straight face while filming.