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  • march pisces

    hi-la-ri-ous! i died at you smell like outside. my mother would say that to us and i didn’t know what she really meant until i got older and my nieces came in the house from playing.

  • Marie

    So, so funny and true. The coolwhip containers, chinese food plastic trays, and heavy take out containers – guilty as charged. I keep that until the plastic can’t take no more and melt. Koolaid – that’s me. Most people need to add half a cup of water and ice cubes. My mom always told us we smelled like puppies when we came inside. As an adult, I understand and tell my mieces and nephews all the time, they smell like puppies. But opening juice – this man must live in my house because I be damn if somebody open my juice before me. Why is that? The hell if I know, but don’t open my juice.