Chicago-based rights activist and freelance writer Suey Park is the latest to construct a feminism and cultural stereotypes conversation via Twitter that trended globally. #NotYourAsianSidechick joined the ranks of #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen and #FastTailGirls on Sunday, when Park started the conversation with a simple tweet:

The hashtag as generated over 45,000 tweets and counting


Black women weren’t left out of the conversation either:


So yet another Twitter protest transpired but how effective is keyboard activism?  That question doesn’t only apply to #NotYourAsianSidechick, but also to #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen and #FastTailGirls.  With some much social media conversation about feminism and intersectionality, after the laptops are shut down, exactly how effective is it?


Clutchettes, what do you think about the hashtag?

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  • imnotasian


  • I like seeing Asian women speaking up, but at the same time I feel as asian women also are the biggest benefactors from white supremacy/patriarchy. The feminist movement was and is working on deconstructing white patriarchy in America. In the last decades Asian women have distance themselves from most groups of color, and have been given white privilege for their honorary whiteness and are being valued by white males as a way to fight the feminist movement. Look at any campus or major city in the west coast and tell me who are Asian women most associated with? Solidarity with other minorities especially with non-blacks leaves me skeptical when that minority group has history of anti-blackness. I got to ask, am I the only one who feels like this

    • Anon

      No, sir/ma’m. I don’t personally identify with them or care for their plight, either. In my experience, selfish, cliquesh, stuck-up, and want nothing to do with black women, in general. (Too busy trying to assimilate & associate with whites). This group may be the TINY anomaly!

    • Anon

      No u aren’t!

    • Racism in America will in the end fall on the same binary of white versus black. When privilege is being passed out from what I see is Asian Women are more readily to accept. The gender divide between AA man-AA woman is the obvious, AA woman social position within white males circles has created intense debate in there own community. If Asian woman want solidarity they should start with Asian men. Imagine if MLK would have been a in the civil rights movement courting a white women.