Officer Dolores Sharpe is a 19-year veteran of the Nassau County Police Department, but that didn’t prevent her from being racially profiled by her fellow white officers.

On Nov. 29, Sharpe said she was improperly charged with resisting arrest by two white officers from her own department. Sharpe said she identified herself during the confrontation while she was shopping in West Hempstead, Long Island, but she feels she was targeted because she is black.

“I have been wrongfully charged and falsely arrested, requiring me to defend against allegations that are based on prejudice coming from my own police force,” Sharpe said during a press conference at her attorney’s Long Island office.

From NBC New York:

Sharpe’s attorney claims the off-duty officer was shopping for weather stripping at a “dollar store” last Friday afternoon when a uniformed officer confronted her in a parking lot. Attorney Fred Brewington said the officer began verbally berating the woman, saying that where she parked had blocked his view of something he was watching for an undisclosed investigation.

The attorney claimed the officer was “using all types of curse words and making comments to her that I can’t repeat.”

The woman eventually went into the store and when she returned she was again confronted by the uniformed cop. Sharpe eventually left the parking lot, but was pulled over by him about two blocks away. Another officer joined the first one at that point, and that is where she was taken into custody and brought to a precinct house and later given a summons charging her with resisting arrest.

She is due in court Jan. 9.

She said she was informed while being arrested that she was immediately suspended without pay. Sharpe is assigned to an office that screens prospective police applicants.

“I have been terribly disappointed by the Nassau County Police Department, to whom I have dedicated two decades of my work life,” Sharpe told reporters.

The Nassau County Police Department said they were not allowed to release any statements due to the ongoing investigation.

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  • Jenny

    Is it wrong that I dont feel sorry for her?
    It is a disgusting situation and I am sure it was influenced by white people’s unnecessary fear of black people, however when black individuals decided to join the pig department, most times they transform into being just as much a pig as the rest of them.

    • Annoyed

      The next time you shake your head in dismay about youth who equate education with being white, recall your stunning tone deaf comment here. Same thing.

  • Black Womanist

    Suspended without pay? The police murder people and are put on administrative duty or suspension with pay. This is atrocious.

    • Tsaun

      Only when they’re white! Smgdh…..

  • KB

    I live in Nassau County and I’m not surprised by this at all.

  • Troy

    Will this incident slow down the rush of black women opening their legs to white men? ‘Cause we know, in 2013, sisters love themselves some white men. They treat black women soooo well. Ha Ha

    • straightnochaser

      You sound dumb as hell. Perhaps one too many ‘sisters’ have rejected your ratchet behind? Do yourself, and the rest of us, a favor and please lay off the bath salts, and spend more time working on your low self-esteem, and less time expressing it on the internet. Ha Ha!

    • Eat a dick.

    • Okay

      Wow really? Your disgusting. Thanks for the support brotha. Yet another example of a black man kicking us when we are down instead of showing support when its needed. How does shitting on us when we need support help the relationship between BW/BM?