black women and feminism

Over the last few days my social media feeds have been bombarded with talk about feminism and Beyoncé. It’s gotten to the point where I’m pretty much tired of seeing both words, especially when they’re going hand-in-hand.  There are those who refuse to acknowledge Beyoncé as a feminist and then there are those who have declared that they’d never wear such a title themselves, because so-called feminists have turned them against the idea.

Well look’y here. No one ever said you had to be a feminist.

Feminism as a concept is fairly simple. It embraces the belief that all people are entitled to freedom and liberty within reason–including equal civil rights–and that discrimination should not be made based on gender, sexual orientation, skin color, ethnicity, religion, culture, or lifestyle.

So there you have it, you have the freedom and liberty not to be a feminist. Personally, I don’t refer to myself as a feminist. But I do share the core beliefs and have issues with the naysayers and believers.

My issue is pretty simple.

No one can tell you that your beliefs are wrong.  Not every feminist is going to have the same belief systems, and that’s completely fine.   My mind was completely blown when a professor appeared on Huffington Post Live a few days ago and said she believed Beyoncé was an “Audre Lorde” feminist.

Excuse me? The only Audre Lorde feminist around was Audre Lorde. Beyoncé is a Beyoncé feminist.

If you’re not a feminist, don’t be ashamed to say so.  Scream it at the top of your lungs. Don’t burn your bras, those things are expensive nowadays anyways.

But there is one thing I do advise you  to do.

The next time you’re at work, and you’re having lunch with your male colleague.  You know, the one who has a little less education than you, that has been on the job less time than you, but has the same job title as you? Ask him what his paycheck looks like.  You may be upset to find out that it’s a little higher than yours just because he has a penis.

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