Do black women use online dating sites?

According to a new survey of 5,481 singles by Match.com, 48 percent of women research a guy before the first date.  Tech savy people everywhere are now “pre-dating” their dates, by scouring the internet for any information they can find on them.  From Google, to Facebook, to LinkedIn, the practice of pre-dating is turning everyone into internet sleuths.

Sussing out a date beforehand could weed out some rotten apples. Do you really want to go on a date after finding out someone is on a sex offender list? But where does one draw the line when it comes to online snooping, and what about those people that aren’t searchable?

Occasionally you may come across someone that doesn’t have an internet footprint. No LinkedIn profile, no Twitter, or Facebook.  Those people can be considered “Not Google Worthy”.

From Your Tango:

One of the women shared with the group that the reason she rejected a date with a man was for not finding him anywhere on Google. What, nothing? Nope, not a thing. How can anyone go their whole lives these days without anything digitally printed on Google? She went on to say she wouldn’t date a man who she couldn’t do a little Google background check on. She said single women need to be ultra careful and a little homework never hurts when dating men with no references or referrals.

So with the billions and billions of digital posts about everything in the world, what are the chances a person doesn’t have one mention on Google? Facebook or Twitter accounts all show up on Google. Maybe a high school graduation mention or a picture on Instagram? How about a donation to a political party?

Something usually comes up when you type in your own name, so what about someone you want to date if he isn’t Google-Worthy? Is it a red flag if a person isn’t mentioned on Google these days (if so, why)?

Is it really a bad thing for someone to not have an online presence? If finding out information, maybe about a someone’s criminal background is important, a case search is always at your disposal.


Clutchettes, do you research a person before you go out with them? What do you do when you don’t find information online about them?

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