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On last week’s episode of “Real Housewives: Atlanta,” Porsha Williams proved that she may not be smarter than a 5th grader, when it comes to history.  You’d think as the grand-daughter of a civil rights leader, Williams would know just a little bit about black history, but unfortunately that is not the case.

The 32-year-old visited a landmark church with holes in the floor, which were used for ventilation on the Underground Railroad (as led by Harriet Tubman) during the pre-Civil War era. The group’s tour guide said they still don’t know how groups of escaped slaves managed to get in and out from the crawl space.

Williams, whose great grandfather was civil rights leader Hosea Williams, had thoughts to share.

“Well, there has to be an opening for a railroad at some point,” she said. “Because somebody’s driving the train. It’s not electric like what we have now.”

And that’s when the recorded scratched. All of Williams’ cast members gave her the “you can’t be that dumb” look.

Everyone had their say in the side interviews.

“Really? Like you really thought it was an actual train that took them through?” Cynthia Bailey said.

Kenya Moore found it to be more offensive than anything else.

“It’s almost hurtful to me to watch her be so dumb,” Moore said in her private interview.

Of course NeNe Leakes had her own thoughts.

“Ding dong! He’s not talking about put baby sis on the train or on the damn public bus,” she exclaimed.

Instead of Williams defending or excusing her comments, she decided to brush her shoulders off and wish everyone a Happy Holiday via Twitter.

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  • Jenny

    LOL I remember watching this scene and hysterically laughing because I couldnt comprehend how Porsha missed the lesson about the Underground Railroad in grade school. Even though she did attend college, unless she took courses about black culture and/or history, that is not a topic typically covered in classes. A student would have to seek out this knowledge on their own.
    Her words were worthy of a side eye but geez cut her some slack. A lot of people seem to be digging a grave for her.

  • Sandy248

    Good thing she’s pretty because she comes off as being dumb as hell. Sad really.

  • Mama Sunshine

    Late to the convo; however, we all know “reality t.v.” is anything but realistic. This girl is probably scripted into playing the dumb girl role. Keeps this little sorry excuse for entertainment entertaining. Yes, she’s the granddaughter of a civil rights activists, but that doesn’t mean she can’t “sell her soul to the devil” to make the bit of change being thrown at her. It worked because “everyone” watched and now “everyone” is talking. $$$Ca-ching$$$