Brandi Glanville’s recent comments on this weeks episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” had her doing damage control.

During a vacation episode to Palm Springs, Glanville asked Joyce Giraud, 38, to get into the pool.

“I can’t swim,” Giraud admitted, while lounging on a chair out of the water.

“You’re a black person,” said Glanville, 41.

Insert awkward silence from the rest of the cast members that were sitting poolside.

Glanville’s explanation on the show probably didn’t make things any better.

“It was a joke, and my black friends would have laughed crazy because they don’t go in the pool because they will get their weaves [messed] up,” Glanville explains on the testimonial.

“All my black friends can’t swim,” she then explains to the group.

Giraud explained since she is Puerto Rican, she is a mix of black, Indian and Spanish, so she took the comment with offense. “I am a mix of three cultures and I’m very proud to represent all three,” Giraud said.

Today, Glanville tweeted her response, saying “Im sorry for whomever I offended with my insensitive joke, I’m not racist I’m just inappropriate 90 percent of the time!”

Because being racially inappropriate isn’t the same thing.

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