A waitress who alleged that one of her customers wrote an anti-gay message on a receipt has been suspended from her job pending the completion of an investigation into the incident.

Gallop Asian Bistro posted on its Facebook page that waitress Dayna Morales “is currently not on our employee schedule while (we) are still working to complete our investigation.”

Morales, a former Marine,  posted the picture of the credit card receipt on a gay-friendly Facebook page called “Have a Gay Day.” After that, her story went viral.

Doubts came into play when the couple came forward and presented their receipt to a reporter from WNBC-TV. Their receipt showed it had a tip and they had not written any type of anti-gay message.

Yet another lie has surfaced in regards to the fake receipt.

Morales claimed that the donations she received after her story broke would go to  the Wounded Warrior Project.  Bridgewater Patch is reporting Morales’ supposed donation could not be verified as of Wednesday. A representative from the nonprofit checked for donations under her name and zip code and found no matches.

However, the rep noted the donation could’ve been made under a different name or zip code.

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  • M

    Mm, but. Don’t you take home your customer receipt and leave the merchant behind? So the receipt the customers would have had, wouldn’t have said anything on it, because that’s not the copy the waitress would have gotten anyway. Just a thought…

    • Aria Wilson

      Yes, that is true, however an earlier NBC article about this states that the couple also showed the TV station their credit card charge for the meal…it showed a total of $111.55, although their meal only came to $93.55 after tax.

      That means they had to have written in the extra $18.00 as a tip, and why their credit card was charged $111.55.

      So if they DID write a note about not tipping her because of her being gay…it would be awfully strange to then….tip her.

    • M

      Oh okay, got it. That makes sense. Well, she more than likely lied about it all.

  • Starla

    Well, she wanted to be in the spotlight and she got it…lol

  • She’ll be fine. I see a career as a Justine Bieber impersonator in her future.

  • Her employer doesn’t have faith in her. That’s why they took her off the schedule. She has so much negative energy!