Today marks the second day of hearings in the Renisha McBride murder case. Theodore Wafer, 54, was charged with second-degree murder in McBride’s killing. McBride banged on the door of his Dearborn Heights, Mich. home on Nov. 2, shortly after being in a car accident.

During the first day of hearings, The Detroit Free Press reported on Wednesday evening, that a woman testified to seeing McBride three hours before the shooting at the scene of her car accident.  Carmen Beasley said that McBride appeared to be hurt and confused. She couldn’t remember her family’s phone numbers and eventually walked away from the scene.

Today the judge will have to rule whether there is enough evidence to send Wafer to trial on a second-degree murder charge. Wafer has admitted to the Wafer’s lawyers said their client feared for his life, but prosecutors say the shooting was not justified.



The judge has rejected a self-defense argument for the killer’s “bad choice.”  Wafer will now face a murder trial.  “We can’t allow (someone) to use a bad decision as a shield to criminal prosecution. … The defendant made a bad choice,” the judge said.

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  • K. Michel

    I’m not getting my hopes up until this murderer is behind bars for a life sentence.

    You have African-Americans in prison right now on marijuana possession charges… and (White) people who kill Black women/girls and Black men/boys just can’t seem to find their way into a cell?

    It’s a good first step, but getting justice in this country for a Black person is like winning the lotto. The fact that this guy admits to killing a (Black) woman in broad daylight and we’re unsure of whether he’ll even be convicted should be an indictment of this entire country.

    How dare the United States wag it’s finger at Rwanda, Libya, Iraq… when genocide is taking place on these very shores.

    I hope Renisha’s family may not find inner peace for a very long time. But I hope they get to see this murderer placed into prison for the remainder of his life.

    • K. Michel

      Last paragraph: Renisha’s family may not find inner peace for a very long time. But…