SNL couldn’t help but to poke fun at the recent sign language debacle during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Posing as Thamsanqa Jantjie, Kenan Thompson “signed” wildly during the show’s opening as Jay Pharaoh’s President Barack Obama delivered a speech the monumental speech.

“I have been listening to what Americans are saying,” Pharaoh said in the sketch, addressing concerns about health care, “and, ah, some very valid concerns are being raised.” Thompson begins to bop and raise the roof!

After getting tired of Thompson’s antics, Pharoah finally calls the secret service in to handle their business.

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  • vintage3000

    I sincerely hope the new Black comedienne cast member is not asked to stepin fetchit like Keenan does on a regular basis.

  • SNL was given comedic gold with the interpreter incident and STILL couldn’t manage to make this skit funny.

    It’s just sad.