33-year-old medical resident, Teleka Patrick was last seen on the evening of December 5th when she was dropped off at her car in the parking lot of the Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo, MI. Her abandoned gold Lexus was later found in a ditch off westbound I-94 near Portage, Indiana.  #FindTeleka has been a trending topic for weeks on Twitter and authorities are still combing the case.

Authorities recently discovered video that was uploaded to YouTube that gives a little insight into Patrick’s life up until the time she vanished. The videos include Patrick talking, singing and flirting with an unknown person.  But what strikes the videos strange is the fact that Patrick’s parents were not aware of any romantic relationship their daughter was involved in.

“Hi, baby,” Patrick says in one. “I am just coming to you to say ‘hi’ and tell you about my day.”

In another video, Patrick shows a table set for two with omelets and pancakes.

“If you were here, this is what would be your plate,” she says.

Those two videos were uploaded in early November, and authorities are trying to figure out why and how they’re surfacing now.

A third video from a surveillance camera  shows Patrick at a hotel in Kalamazoo, where she went on the night of  December 5, hours before police found her car in a ditch. At 7:30 p.m. Patrick showed up to the Radisson, and spent about 10 minutes talking to the front desk staff, and then left.  The video doesn’t include any audio, and it’s unknown why Patrick didn’t book a room. At 7:48 p.m., Patrick left the hotel lobby and got on a  hotel shuttle bus.

Patrick’s family has hired a private investigator who is looking into the videos.  The family would like to figure out who their daughter is talking to in the videos and if they have any information about Teleka’s disappearance.

Anyone with information regarding her disappearance is requested to call the Kalamazoo Sheriff’s Department at (269) 383-8821 (Option 6)

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