plus size barbie

Growing up I was never into Barbie , or any other type of  fashion dolls that were out. Not only did they not look like me, not just the white ones but the black ones as well, I never saw the fun in dressing up a doll and “role-playing” with Ken.  My sisters on the other hand loved them. They were constantly sewing new outfits, pushing Barbie along in her pink corvette and living it up in Barbie’s dream house.

Nowadays, Barbie has tons of competition. From the Bratz dolls, to the ghoulish Monster High chicks.  Even though they’re all different looking, there’s one thing they have in common. They’re all skinny.  Which is definitely  not indicative of the every day woman.

The average size of an American woman is now 14. Also, statistics show that 60 percent of American women identify as “plus-size” or “curvy”.  So would it be too much to ask  to have dolls made in different sizes?

A Facebook page dedicated to everything plus size and modeling recently asked its if toy companies should start making plus sized Barbie dolls? Plus Size Modeling posted a photo made by Worth1000.com — not Barbie’s manufacturer Mattel — created by the artist Bakalia.

A few things about the photo did rub me the wrong way, as well as several commenters on the Facebook page.  As a size 12 and occasionally 14 woman, depending on who makes the clothing, a double chin does not exist any where on my face. But I guess you can’t fault the artist for their “interpretation” of plus-size.

A few people also felt the image was the wrong one to use with the question:

Lisa May Dixon This is not what plus size women looks like. This doll is a terrible impression of a plus size woman
Sofija Fokeeva To make it clear – plus size doesn’t always mean a double chin. Double chin comes from bad posture… which comes from insecurity…
Lindsay Keg-leg Kahlig Thick yes but obese with double or teipple chins like this hell no. Average size these days is 14-16. A doll that shows real life perspective, rather than the ideal unhealthy weight like 0 or unhealthy negative display of obese is a better more healthy approach. Girls need to know, pole size is unhealthy and being an average weight isn’t a bad thing at all. Most wemon are thicker and a hell of a lot healthier and more beautiful than freakin bean poles. Most models aren’t even that skinny anymore and its a shame that they get photo shopped to make the world believe they are. I vote yes for a thicker doll, but no to an obese doll.
As someone who would never be the size of a Barbie doll, which is pretty much unattainable as a human, I don’t see anything wrong with dolls with a little more meat on their bones.  For the record, take a look at the chart below, in real life Barbie would have a 16 inch waist. How many women do you know with a waist that small?

Clutchettes, do you think dolls should come in different sizes?

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