Forget where you placed something or parked your car? Perhaps, it’s time for a stimulating mind workout. According to Manning Rubin, co-author of Keep Your Brain Alive, “You can improve your memory and the way your brain functions overall by regularly exercising each of your five senses.” Here are a few exercise you can try to boost your brainpower.

Get dressed in the morning with your eyes closed
If  you’ve laid out your clothes the night before, try putting them on blindly in the morning. This will help to strengthen memorization and force your other senses to work harder.

Ditch the list and go shopping
It’s time to go grocery shopping—but this time lose the list. You can fire up your brain-cell activity by trying to use your brain to remember what you wrote. If you’re not ready to wholly abandon your list and avoid three extra trips back to the store, then tuck your list in your bag.

Mix up your brushing routine
What hand do you use to brush your teeth? Switch it up and use your non-dominant hand. This will force your brain to exercise and strengthen nerve cells in the hand you don’t use.

Wake up to a New Tune
Try changing the radio station on the alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning. Your brain will have to process an unfamiliar sound—strengthening your memory bank and jumpstarting your mind in a new way.

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