Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.08.27 PMAre you functioning in auto-pilot? Just stuck in a rut, perpetually doing the same ole same ole with little to no zeal or zest for life? It’s arguably one of the most depressing experiences a person can have, and it tends to look a little something like this:

1. Deep feelings of laziness, or the sensation of living life in quicksand or slow drying cement. Some folks get immersed in the day-to-day routine in such a way that it literally saps them of their energy and inspiration. The trifecta is a doozy: when the cause stems from an unsatisfying job, social life and living situation.

2.The troubling feeling that you’re living someone else’s life, fantasize about your dream life (without acting on it) or intensely envy other’s you deem better of than you. This one manifests itself in too many ways to count, but the result is nothing short of bitterness rooted in a lack of appreciation for your own blessings. Immobilizing thoughts like these fool the mind into thinking that fulfillment is undeserved & out of reach.

3. A pervasive pessimistic outlook is another classic symptom. It encompasses a “can’t do” attitude. Usually very aware of the rut they live in, an individual with this perspective will find any excuse to smack down helpful hints on improving their situation.

4. Low self-esteem is a major component of the rutted life. Feeling unattractive, incompetent and overall just crappy about oneself can be both a cause and effect of the conundrum. It’s hard to live the high life when feeling heavy and low.

5. Life just presents one struggle after another, and another, and another…. It may feel like a life lacking fluidity and a sense of misfortune looming overhead. Nothing is comes easy – the most simple things appear complicated, or you’re never at the right place at the right time. Everyone around you seems to be moving through life with ease as you struggle with dang near everything that comes your way – be it personal or professional.

Do any of these symptoms strike a chord? If so, it’s time to take drastic action to avoid spiritual death by starvation, cuz the soul cannot thrive in a rut. Be willing say “f*k it!” and take on some serious calculated risks. Are you in a dead end relationship? End that thang! Is your job slowly numbing your brain to death? Change career paths, go back to school or take on an endeavor that breathes new life into your spirit. Maybe you need a change of scenery. It may be time to move into a new living space, a new city or even a new country. Social media is also a great tool to meet new people, get down with new activities and stimulate you mind body and soul. Basically, the best anti-rut medicine is change – change that provides joy and a sense of purpose.

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