In today’s faux outrage news,  Aisha Tyler seemed to have ruffled some feathers during last night’s Critics Choice Awards monologue.  Or people seem to think she must have ruffled Oprah Winfrey’s feathers because of a look that was caught on camera.

Tyler joked, “12 Years a Slave’ … so incredible. Steve McQueen made such a heartbreaking and evocatively beautiful movie about slavery. I’ve never seen something so abhorrent and horrible look so pretty,” Tyler says. “It almost made me want to go back to that time.” She then added, “No it didn’t. Are you kidding me? I drove here in a Porsche today after a white guy made me scrambled eggs. And then he took it downtown. You know what I’m talking about [Michael] Fassbender knows what I’m talking about.”

At that moment the camera caught Oprah giving this look:


And then the internet went, “Ohhhhhhhh Aisha pissed off Oprah”.  Apparently, Tyler had to go into “block” mode on her own Facebook fan page, because of criticism behind the joke, but she did set the record straight about Oprah:

If some people had an issue with her joke, obviously it wasn’t Oprah.

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