Ballerina Misty Copeland shows off her strong legs and graceful physique as the new face of Under Armour’s women’s line.

Recently, the Baltimore-based fitness brand signed a deal with the American Ballet Theater Company to showcase their workout wear on the dancers’ amazing bodies, including Copeland, who Leanne Fremar, Under Armour’s Executive Creative Director, called “a game changer.”

“Misty Copeland is a game changer,” Fremar said in a press release. “Just as Under Armour is changing our consumer’s expectations around performance gear by infusing it with style and design, Misty is changing the world’s view of what it means to be a world-class ballerina. She brings a modern athleticism to a very traditional art form and pushes the boundaries of the status quo definition of the word ‘athlete.'”

Copeland inked a multi-year contract that will make her the face of Under Armour’s popular women’s line. The 31-year-old ballerina said she’s excited about the partnership.

“Joining the Under Armour family feels like a natural fit, since they have always championed hard work and strong women,” Copeland said in a statement. “In addition to supporting me with innovative performance products that give me an edge in my training, Under Armour will be a great partner to help me inspire women as they find the will to pursue their goals.”

The Under Armour deal is just one of many projects Copeland has on her plate. She’s gearing up for the release of her memoir, Life In Motion, working on a documentary, launched Project Plié, a diversity initiative, and recently starred in luxury brand Coach’s series, New York Studies.

Check out some of the looks from the Under Armour campaign.

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