Santa is not the only thing mature adults should not believe in.  As real life grown ups, certain things should be left to the kiddies. But from ear-hustling on the streets and from various social media feeds, I encounter so many brow-furrowing behaviors from adults. Here are a few:

1. Cuffing Season
I loathe the whole “cuffing season” idea. For one thing, “cuffing” makes a relationship sound so unappealing and two, what reasonable adult (who is not homeless) actually makes romantic decisions based on the time of year?  I see so many Instagram memes and status updates about how it’s cold outside, so people don’t want to be in the club, they want to be booed up at home. Soooo, you want to enter into a relationship so as not to get cold standing in line at a night club? Buy some thermal underwear and call it a day. Damn it.

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