DreamsWhat are your dreams? No, I’m not talking about your dream career or your dream car and all that stuff. What are your actual dreams? What do you encounter in those complicated worlds your subconscious creates for you at night?

I ask because I have very vivid dreams. Sometimes I even have dreams within dreams. Freaky! Last night, I dreamed that I had one of those nameplate necklaces, something like the one Carrie wore in Sex and the City. But mine didn’t say my name, it said “Big Sexy.”  Is that or is that not hilarious?  No idea what that means, but it was a fun dream filled with some of my favorite people.

Most mornings, I jot down a few things about my dreams while I’m doing my Morning Pages. Sometimes bits and parts of those dreams make their way into a pitch for a publication or the seed of a new story or an idea for how to re-decorate my place. On occasion, I’ve even had predictive dreams. But on the whole, I just try to pay attention to my dreams–not sweat them, but take note.

I don’t play the lottery, so I don’t worry about “hitting the number” based on something in my dreams, but I do have that down home grandma type of fascination with dreams. I think our dreams tell us things about ourselves, our true desires and maybe there’s a little extra in there that connects us all to the universe.

Super crunchy and granola, I know.  But surely I’m not the only weirdo who has vivid dreams and believes them to be more than just random crap from an over worked brain.

Do you have a recurring dream? Do you have an interesting story about your dreams and real life?

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  • Brianna

    Yes! You are definitely not alone! I always passed off my dreams as something that didn’t mean anything. They were sometimes weird, or kind of like movies, but always vivid. But I have had a couple of dreams that were specifically about my waking life – like a bad boyfriend (Unfortunately, I ignored that dream). Right now I’m in Germany for a year, but before I left home, I had a three part dream, and it was partly symbolic. I’ve been figuring it out along the way, but ever since that I try to write down my dreams, and just take note of them.

  • Ever since I was a kid I would have re-occuring dreams about a train coming. I also dream about things that will happen in the future. My dreams feel very real almost to the point where I question reality.