Yoga is spreading across Kenya thanks to the Africa Yoga Project. The Africa Yoga Project organization began in 2007 as a way to create opportunities for youth to step into their greatness, become self-sustaining and leaders in their communities.

Currently over  5,000 people participate in more than 250 community yoga classes weekly in 80 locations. Young people who were trained as Yoga instructors are now making wages teaches classes across Kenya.

Jacob Parit, is not only a Masai warrior, but also a yoga instructor. 

“Yoga will be part of Maasai tradition because the young need to be strong warriors,” Parit says. “It is a peaceful thing and it brings people together.”

From the Africa Yoga Project Site:

We connect those who want to make a difference by sharing their skills and strengths to those who can benefit from that teaching.The exchange is usually mutual and contributes equally to all. Individuals are empowered, relationships are forged, communities are healed both emotionally and physically, and new possibilities are seen and made real.

AYP’s core activities on a weekly basis include: yoga practice, meditation, self-exploration through inquiry, performing arts as a vehicle for empowerment, health education (HIV/AIDS), relationship building, and community activism. All programs are designed to increase physical, emotional and mental wellbeing on the individual level while also building healthy and empowered communities.

To learn more about the Africa Yoga Project, please visit: http://www.africayogaproject.org/

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