I know what you’re thinking: not another reality show. But unlike the multitude of Wives shows that feature women who are trying to get famous by being catty, malicious, or sleeping with someone famous, Bravo TV’s newest addition, Blood, Sweat, and Heels features six ambitious, professional women working to turn their dreams (and hustles) into reality.

The show, which takes place in New York City, stars two former CLUTCH alums, journalist and author, Demetria Lucas and style writer Geneva S. Thomas; former video-vixen-turned-real-estate agent Melyssa Ford; Melyssa’s real estate partner Brie Bythewood; model agency owner Mica Hughes; and style expert Daisy Lewellyn.

The first episode introduced viewers to the ladies and their various ventures, before getting into a bit of drama.

During Daisy’s monthly brunch event, the conversation turned to whether or not women can be good leaders (uh, duh). A few of the ladies felt women were just far too emotional to be in charge of countries or companies, while others disagreed. The conversation led Demetria to do what writers do and to pen an article about it (peep it here) that some of the women felt was judgmental, unsisterly and crossed the line.

While I think Demetria was on point (I mean, too emotional to lead? Seriously?), some of the women (namely Daisy and Geneva) felt she should not have turned a “private” conversation (private being relative considering it was being filmed) into a blog.

The show ended with a bit of a dramatic flourish and a teaser of what’s to come (obviously, more drama, but according to Geneva, genuine sisterhood, too).

So far, I’ll be tuning in as the show looks significantly less dramatic, and decidedly more real, than other reality TV shows.

But what did you think, Clutchettes? Will you keep watching Blood, Sweat, and Heels? 

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