An interracial couple based in Columbus, GA received a derogatory note after they retrieved their valet parked car from Spondivits restaurant.

“The experience besides the valet was wonderful,” said Samuel Aarons.

“He was very polite, opened the door for my wife when we arrived. [He] brought our car to us and opened the door for my wife when we left. I told him ‘thanks’ and gave him a nice tip,” he continued.

It wasn’t until afterwards the couple noticed the valet attendant had written “Jungle Fever” on their valet tag.


“I was more disappointed – disappointed that people are still behaving like that in 2014,” said Samuel Aarons.

CBS Atlanta attempted to speak with the restaurant owner on camera, but did talk with local news station on the phone. “The valet company [Advance Parking Solutions] runs the parking lot. They addressed the issue and fired the employee. They don’t and we don’t tolerate any type if racial speak.”

“You should screen whomever you hire. No matter if they park your cars or work registers or whatever you do,” said Candi Aarons.

CBS Atlanta News

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  • ScriptTease

    I’ve got jungle fever, he’s got jungle fever
    We’ve got jungle fever, we’re in love
    She’s gone white boy crazy, he’s gone black girl hazy
    Ain’t no thinking maybe, we’re in love.

    Now of course the song has been changed around a bit to fit the couple. Anywho! I’m just being silly, and don’t care about the thumbs down….

  • MommieDearest

    Wow. That’s just rude. I can’t believe some people.

    • Nic

      I hope they are telling the truth that they fired the person. People need to learn that while no one can police your thoughts, you can’t insult customers and expect to keep your job.

  • Was he racist of was he just stupid? Perhaps both.