haribo19n-3-webGerman candy maker, Haribo, has decided to pull “racist” candies from their shelves after receiving customer complaints in Sweden.  Haribo’s “Skipper Mix” is a black licorice candy that is shaped like ethnic masks or faces resembling those found in African, Asian, or Native American art.

“I understand the criticism and think it’s important to listen to the customers,” said the company’s director, Ola Dagliden, reported The Local, citing Swedish website Nyheter24. The designs which have been accused of being racist were meant to represent a sailor’s trip around the world and some of the people he encountered.

Dagliden also went on to say that the company didn’t intend to offend people. “It wasn’t something we saw as having negative connotations,” he said.

The product will still be sold but without the offending items, reported The Local.


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