One would think that the art of approaching a woman in a charming, respectful manner is nothing short of nanoscience judging by the way in which fellas often conduct themselves. We understand that by their testosterone filled nature, they have a touch of the predator inside that sometimes translates as boorish and plain old simple. Alas, we at Clutch have compassion for our carnal counterparts, and have decided to present the following guide to coming correct to the ladies.

Do not comment on any part of our bodies. Period.
We know you have dirty minds, but the vast majority of women do not want to feel like a piece of meat being inspected. First off it’s rude, and it also indicates that in your eyes the woman is disposable. If you want to really get to know her, just keep it clean and easy. If you play your cards right, you’ll have plenty of time for dirty talk.

“Ayyy, ayyy shawty!”
If you are a man, then puhleeeze, act like one. And what’s with shouting from across the street? Do you really think a woman is gonna come running over to you like a li’l puppy being summoned by it’s owner? Nothing will kill your chances quicker than juvenile behavior. Unless you are approaching a woman with the mental capacity of a ‘tween,’ you may want to consider a calm, respectful entree. Try walking up to the lady and tell her that she caught your eye from a distance, and you’d like to know if you could get to know her. If you can’t muster it, we suggest shouting something complimentary like “I think you’re beautiful!!” She won’t come a runnin’ but most likely, you’ll but a little smile on her face.

Play it Cool
Don’t push the envelope. If a woman is feeling you, she’ll send you the signs (a flirtatious smile, extended eye contact, etc.). If you greet her and she acts like you’re the invisible man, just call it wrap. That particular lady may have gotten them juices flowin’, but there’s plenty more where that came from. Move it right along.

You’re One of a Kind
Be sincere. Be yourself. Hopefully that doesn’t mean an absolute cornball, but if it does, just own it, man. The thing is, you may get your foot in the door on false pretenses, but she’s going to find out who you really are sooner than later. Besides, there’s nothing that a women despises more than sh*t talker. Stop acting like a door-to-door salesman and just be real. If she ends up liking you for who you aren’t, rather than who you are, then you both may end up missing out on a fulfilling experience.

Confidence is Grrrrrrrrrreat!
Coolness comes in all forms, but a man who is confident in his own skin is incredibly appealing. Ladies love confident men who appear self-assured, as if they are completely devoid of desperation. It adds an air of mystery that most women find irresistible. Be you chunky, skeletal, or have any other reason to feel that you are out of step with the woman in your sights – project assurance at all times. Chances are, no matter what you’re insecure about, it’s not worth condemning yourself for. Think about all the positive attributes you have offer. Whatever you do, DO NOT feed into your insecurities.

You know what they say about first impressions, which means you’ve only got one shot to make it happen. Just remember that ultimately, a woman just wants to be respected, loved and revered by her man. And if you can make her laugh too, you’ve put icing on the cake.

Clutchettes – got any tips for the fellas you wanna share?!

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