Hey Beloveds! * Iyanla Voice * Ms. Iyanla Vanzant is offering up some sparkling, brand new advice to go with that sparkling champagne you had a few days ago.  Vanzant wants you to live in the present.  We all get so easily distracted with the gleam of lofty goals and the ridiculousness of Instagram lifestyles that we often forget to enjoy being in the moment.

Vanzant has three tips:

1.     Train Your Mind to Sit

2.     Stop Thinking, Start Writing

3.     Give Yourself Permission to Feel

Great advice! You can look at how she expounds upon those tips here. In the meantime (pun intended for all you Vanzant book fans), I’d like to add that I do think we get caught up in “documenting” moments in our lives via social media as opposed to just enjoying being in other people’s company.  I’ve been to so many events where people were so busy tweeting, Instagramming and “checking in,” that they were buried in their phones most of the night instead of taking in the present moment.

I’m no stranger to social media. I Instragram almost all of my DIY manicures and my semi-weekly flower arrangements (sometimes they last a few weeks) and I will sometimes share pics of events I attend after I’ve left, but for the most part, I like to just take in the moments as I reach them.

One moment in particular stands out to me. I was on a three-week trip to Ghana. I had decided somewhere in the second week that I wanted to get up early enough to see the sunrise. So, I did just that. I went out on the porch of the place I was staying and watched the sunrise. It was magnificent. Deep reds, purples, pinks and oranges flourished in the sky as the morning began. The dirt became this beautiful color that was similar to red Georgia clay. I’d left my camera in my roo. I had a nice camera and maybe I could have captured all the colors, but I felt like a photograph would have cheapened the moment. I wrote about it in my journal and I’ve kept the visual in my mind. It always makes me smile. I have tons of pictures from that trip, but that moment definitely ranks very high in my memory of that trip.

Do you set limits on your social media output? If so, do tell.

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