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The Jamaican bobsled rose to fame in 1988 during the Calgary Games which inspired the movie “Cool Runnings”. But their newest dreams  of competing in another winter Olympics may be thwarted if the  Jamaican bobsled team doesn’t raise $80,000.

Saturday, the Jamaican team qualified for the two-man competition at next month’s Sochi Games, but according to the Associated Press, funding may keep them from competing.  Sled driver Winston Watts told the news outlet that he’s attempting to raise $80,00 to cover travel and equipment costs.

“Right now,” Watts said, “we’re at zero.”

Thanks to social media and Lincoln Wheeler, who started the funding campaign, the team is now $$17,589.24 closer to their dreams.  “Help the Jamaican Bobsled team get to Sochi,” was started on Crowd Tilt Sunday even afternoon, and from the looks of things, with just 8 days left, the team may just meet their goal.

“I’m not a person who likes to quit,” Watts said. “I put my heart into it and I know for a fact that people are going to help this team.”

To make a donation, use the link below:

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  • Pseudonym

    “Sanka, ya dead, mon?”

  • Starla

    I hope they make it, it would be great if they made the podium too. I wish them all the best with the fundraiser.

  • Anthony

    Jamaica is not a dirt poor country, and they are the dominant country in track field for the last two Olympics. They can find $80,000 to fund their bobsled team if they want to. A country, like Jamaica, that makes so much of its money from tourism should be eager to support the bobsled team since it puts their name out at a time when people with means are ready to vacation at a nice warm place.

  • Blue

    Some people say ya know dem cant believe, Jamaica we got a bobsled team.