Eyewear designer Karen Walker has teamed up with the United Nations’ ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative to produce sunglass pouches made by Kenyan artisans. The Ethical Fashion Initiative connects designers with artisans in African countries and Haiti. The organization provides work for local artisans, as well as giving the fashion world an opportunity to embrace the skills of artisans in developing countries.


Walker’s Visible eyewear collection, which was released yesterday, features sunglass pouches made by the Kenyan artisans. Walkers signature oversized and exaggerated shaped frames are also being modeled by the artisans who made the pouches.

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  • AnnT

    I love it.
    But I know I can’t be the only one who initial though Karen Walker from “Will & Grace”.

  • eve-audrey

    i specially like the orange and the golden ones i can totally see myself with them this summer. but i presume those glasses are expensive?

    • sankofa

      Yeah her clothes are normally pretty expensive, but very well made and versatile. I’ll probably admire from afar.

  • AJ

    I loves these frames

  • I just bought a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses and told my husband, NO MORE SUNGLASSES…I will have to inform him that I must break my statement…for the sake of Kenyan artists…

  • mary burrell

    I love those.