Saturday Night Live’s  lack of diversity has been discussed ad nauseam, but according to Kevin Hart race had nothing to do with SNL hiring a black woman.

In a recent CNN interview, promoting his new movie “Ride Along”, Hart thinks people have been making a fuss about nothing:

“People tend to put a race issue on everything. You know, SNL has existed for years. I was a person who auditioned for  SNL. I didn’t get  SNL. It didn’t have anything to do with my race at the time, I wasn’t right for the part. I’m quite sure several women of all races have been going out for SNL and have been turned away. What people don’t understand is that there’s literally one part that’s available every two seasons or a season and a half, that’s how Lorne Michaels does his system. So you know, who he picks, is who he feels should be in that one part, whether it’s male or woman. They’ve made this black woman thing an issue, and I don’t think it’s fair to other black women because other black women stand up and say, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, we do need a chance!’ And then you’ve got 3,000 black women coming out for this one opportunity for what seems to be the ‘black woman part’. It’s so much about nothing. Congratulations to her, she had an audition, she got the part. Not because she was black, but because she was qualified.”

Apparently,  Hart doesn’t realize SNL held auditions specifically for a black woman, which is how Sasheer Zamata got the part.  So yes, Zamata, as a black woman, was qualified.

But you know how it goes, when reaches a certain level of fame, they thrown on their rose colored post racial glasses.

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