Kicking Procrastination to the Curb Do you count yourself amongst the countless folks who procrastinate to some extent in their lives? Sleeping on household tasks, filing your taxes, or fulfilling a lifelong dream, are just a few circumstances under which the seven-headed beast of dilly-dallying prefers to hold us captive. The act of delaying things that typically require immediate attention is the very meaning of procrastination and it can have a dire impact on our lives when we indulge in it. A bona fide source of useless stress, delaying the inevitable weighs down upon us, threatening our self-esteem, relationships and at times, our livelihoods.

Acknowledge that you’re procrastinating & ask, “why?”
Enough with the excuses – time to face facts and consider what’s keeping you from handling your business.  Is it a fear of failure, confronting a specific person, or the pressures you put on yourself that’s at the root of your idling? Facing the source head on is a fantastic way to get the lead out.

Just do it
If the process of plotting out a game plan becomes yet another form of procrastination, then just dive in. Attack the task at hand from whichever angle works, and take it from there. Some folks choose to break responsibilities up into small pieces, while others may choose to knock it all out at once. The most vital thing to recognize is that you are actively working towards your goal.

Find the right workspace
Tedium can be found in some of the most essential items on our must do list. When faced with these tasks, it can take next to nothing from distracting us from taking care o’ business. For duties like updating resumes or filing taxes, for example, it may be best to secure a distraction-free zone that allows you to hone in on your priorities – and please steer clear of web browsing and social network sites…

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  • Starla

    Procrastination is a demon of self-destruction that will only be killed with an exorcism.

  • Anthony

    Procrastination is my single greatest failing. That is why I post on Clutch so much! I really need to reduce my posts by 75% and work much harder on my book!

    • Deb

      check out a chrome add on called stayfocusd. It’s really helpful.

  • Writing things down is the best way to go about something and putting the most important priorities first. When you put your most important priorities as the first ones to do for each and every day it’s just a matter of getting things done. Time management is also a pretty big factor.

    If anyone’s interested I also did a little article on getting things done here.

  • Anthony

    I made a conscious decision to put down the iPad, and I got a ton of stuff done last night instead of surfing and posting constantly.

    Until this essay, I had never thought about how procrastination can really be a manifestation of very unpleasant thought or energy.

    I’m off the site now for at least another four hours!

    • Ajaveen

      Antony I could not agree more..the more I stay off-line I get more work done.

  • Kosio Angelov

    I would also add “find the right motivation”. With no motivation, you would have no incentive to do any of the items on your to-do list.