Throughout history, careers that have been classified as “women’s work” have been some of the lowest paying jobs in the economy. Wages of teachers, nurses, social workers and secretaries have continued to stagnate, while traditionally male-dominated fields skyrocket. And when it comes to duties inside the home, like childrearing and housecleaning, well, those are often dismissed as necessary, but not particularly difficult, and are therefore seen as less valuable than working outside of the home.

But a recent survey by is shedding new light on just how taxing working inside the home can be.

For the 13th year, conducted a survey of more than 6,000 moms to find out what their top 10 time-consuming tasks were and how much time they spent on each, then applied their data mechanisms to figure out how much a person performing those tasks would make.

The result? On average, if they were being compensated for their time, stay-at-home-moms would earn $113,568 per year, while working moms would bring in $67, 436.

Check out’s infographics to see the breakdown:

sahminfo_2013 workmominfo_2013

What do you think of the numbers?

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  • The Comment

    Woohoooo! sounds like I got a raise. The study they did 10 years ago said I earned $84,000 in uncompensated work.

  • I wish, I wish…

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