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Photo courtesy of VSB

Real love knows no boundaries. That’s the big takeaway from the beautiful personal essay written by a man who lost his wife to cancer last year. You might know his son, Damon Young (aka the Champ). The Champ is co-founder of the popular site Very Smart Brothas.  Earlier this week, the Champ acknowledged what would have been his mother’s 61st birthday by sharing a Facebook post his father wrote.

Many of us like to wax poetic about what it means to have that forever-type love. Well, the Champ’s dad has that and now that his lady has departed in the physical sense, he is left to mourn the loss and honor her memory.

It’s a touching piece of writing that you should read in its entirety, but here a few highlights:

Defining Grief

“There are no words in the English language, or, for that matter, in any language spoken on this good Earth, for me to use in an attempt to adequately express the enormity of my grief, or the depths of my sorrow at the loss of my forever lovely, vividly-vivacious Vivienne, my wholly and entirely devoted wife, my pretty baby, my absolute best friend and trusted soul mate, on Friday, October 18, 2013.”

Expressing Grief

“The tears. I could be anywhere. It could be anytime. I could be doing anything. All it takes is a thought, a feeling, a memory, a photo, a sound, a scent, a song, an item of clothing … could be anything, and soon I’m overwhelmed with grief, crying, weeping and sobbing. Yes, I’ve even wailed. The spider on my wall could take the stand in a court of law, swear on a stack of bibles, and then testify under oath that he’s seen me several times in my living room, on the carpet, in a fetal position bawling uncontrollably like a newborn baby.”

The Beginning

“Love found me in the form of a Nubian princess named “Vivienne” who leaped forth into my heart and took up permanent residence on October 6, 1973. We met on a blind date, proving that true love only comes with the right person, not before. Luck really had nothing to do with it. Beginning on that cool and clear October night we became inseparable for the next four decades, almost to the day. Beyond the day, actually. Beginning on that October night, it was her, only her I desired.”

Rare Love

“True Love, The Real Thing, doesn’t find everybody. Every dog DOESN’T have its day — especially if there are more dogs than days, you dig. True Love DOESN’T find everybody, but It found me forty years ago, and I wasn’t even looking for it. The Real Thing found me, and Lady Luck had nothing to do with it. Like I said, “True Love, The Real Thing, doesn’t find everybody.” I wasn’t lost, but I definitely was found! The Lord shined His light upon me. There is no other explanation. Lucky? No, I was blessed … abundantly blessed … truly blessed … greatly favored … highly regarded.”

I actually cried reading Mr. Young’s words. He has the type of love for his late wife that we all say we want. It’s the type of love that transcends death and I can only hope that one day I will know a bit about such a love.

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