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In what appears to be another strange twist in the life of the missing Michigan doctor, Teleka Patrick, pastor and singer, Marvin Sapp apparently had an order of protection on her.

According to Sapp, Patrick was obsessed with him which prompted him to file a personal protection order (PPO)

Patrick, 30, has been missing since Dec. 5, after dropping her car off a the Borgess Medical Center parking lot, which was later found in Indiana.  In his PPO, Sapp stated that Patrick started contacting him while she was living in California, before she moved to West Michigan.

“She has moved from CA to MI,” Sapp wrote in part in the PPO request. “Joined my church, contacts my children, and has been to my home.”

And, he wrote, she was claiming him as her husband.

Patrick’s family issued the following statement in regards to the PPO:

“Another day has gone by and Teleka still isn’t home.

“There are so many details that have been revealed during the course of this investigation that confuse and hurt us all the more. We would like to thank Ismael Calderon for coming forward and giving us some insight as to what Teleka may have been thinking/ experiencing on the days leading up to her disappearance. We have the utmost respect for him. Regarding the YouTube videos that have been found, we do not have any information as to who or what she is referring to. We have had no indication of a recent significant other, besides a relationship that ended early this year.

“Regardless of Teleka’s emotional state, we believe wholeheartedly that she has encountered some harm or danger. It is unlike her to go any significant length of time without any contact with family or friends.

“Concerning the protection order that was filed against Teleka earlier this year, we have been advised by the Kalamazoo Sheriff’s Department that the release of this information could possibly impede the investigation into her disappearance. We encourage you to contact the Kalamazoo Sheriffs Department and the FBI with any questions that you have. Throughout the course of this investigation there have been more questions than answers and all we want is for our daughter to be brought home. We need closure. We need answers.

“The fact that Teleka’s car was found with a flat tire on I-94 has not changed. The fact that she has not been seen since December 5th has not changed. These are the facts that frighten us. Teleka is missing and we want whoever has her or has harmed her in any way to come forward.

“Teleka is our eldest child. One of three bright stars in our lives, and we won’t be whole again until she is found.”

Patrick’s ex-husband says the  new information provides a background on Patrick’s mental health. Ismael Calderon hopes that it will aide in finding her.

“She went to Michigan on purpose and I don’t believe it had anything to do with, ‘Oh, Michigan has a really great psychiatric residency program,'” Calderon told Target 8 in an exclusive interview from his California home. “What I heard is that there was somebody that she maybe felt that God wanted her to be with.”

He said he’s worried about Patrick’s disappearance, calling it a “red alert.”

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