Schumer & Avonte’s mom

New York Senator Chuck Schumer is ready to introduce “Avonte’s Law,” to keep track of autistic kids.

Schumer wants the federal government to create a program that will outfit children with tracking devices. Avonte Oquendo, who the law is named after, was laid to rest over the weekend. The autistic 14-year-old disappeared from his Long Island City school, Oct. 4, 2013. His remains weren’t found until January 16th. 

“Thousands of families face the awful reality each and every day that their child with autism may run away,” Schumer told reporters Sunday. “Making voluntary tracking devices available will help put parents at ease, and most importantly, help prevent future tragedies like Avonte’s.”

 According to the New York Daily News, the devices would be attached to wristwatches, anklets, or clipped on belt loops or shoelaces. The costs would range from $80 to $90.
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  • @ Courtney H

    I have come to the conclusion that people are like that on every mainstream website. I don’t read comments on anything that have to do with minorities especially something bad because I know the comments will turn racist. But even on race neutral topics people can just be so know it all and nasty. For example, I was just reading the comments on an article on MSN about the snow storm in GA where people are still stranded on the roads and in different places. People were just snobby saying well “it’s on two feet of snow; they need to suck it up and keep moving”

    • Courtney H.

      @ geenababe:

      I agree. A lot of times, I don’t read comments on articles about people of color, either, because even if the article is about a POC doing something positive, people will make the most racist of comments. It seems that no matter what we do, we get condemned. It’s like a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.

      Anyway, I am living in the ATL, and my sister (we live together) was one of the blessed ones, since she was able to get home from work after just four hours, instead of being stuck on the roads for at least a day. People who make comments like the ones you mentioned are worthless trolls. They have nothing else better to do than to judge and criticize. I actually feel sorry for people like that, because karma is eventually going to justifiably get them!