On the heels of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday,  Oliver Stone announced Friday that he was no longer on board to write and direct the biopic about the Civil Righs leader.

Stone used his Twitter account to explain that his most recent rewrite of the script dealt with “issues of adultery, conflicts within the movement, and King’s spiritual transformation” was not well received by producers.  This now leaves the project, that was starring Jamie Foxx as Dr. King, at a standstill.

Read Stone’s explanation below, ending with a note to King himself:

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  • SugarSatan

    Hmm”respectable “blacks and “they “?He sounds like a real ass.

  • WhatIThink

    The reason that people rejected Stone’s attempts to rewrite the scripts is because he is hyping up a myth and not basing it on facts. The only facts out there about Dr. King and illicit sex comes from Ralph Albernathy and in his book he only says that Dr. King engaged in extramarital affairs. He didn’t say how many either or how often. So lets keep this in perspective. Abernathy also didn’t say Dr. King engaged in drunken orgies at hotels with white prostitutes. Those are the things that allegedly the F.B.I. has in their files, but oddly enough they haven’t been released yet. So there is no proof, but in a lot of folks minds, this is enough for them to claim a whole lot of things as absolute facts with no proof. If they had this and it was real don’t you think they would have released it by now? So we must be careful because a lot of this is the typical Hollywood smear campaign against the image of black people in America, hyping up any dirt on our heroes and trying to tear down their legacy. There is absolutely no reason that a 2 hour movie on such an important figure should even have anything more than a passing note of possible sexual misconduct. But to make a whole movie the focus of this as opposed to all the other things that are far more important shows you how obsessed they are with tearing down the “squeaky clean’ image of Dr. King.

  • To be honest it’s other races who sanitze MLK too. They love to pull his quotes out of their asses without really knowing his life.