As I scrolled through my phone over the weekend, I just started deleting people.

The guy I met last year in Hawaii.

The chick who said she wanted to hire me to build her website, but never heard back after several meetings and phone tag episodes.

The cousin that I hardly ever speak to unless they need something.

My brother who owes me $500 and has been avoiding me like the plague.

An old high school friend who I haven’t spoken to in years.

In total, I probably deleted about 20 people from my contact list.  Those 20 people added no value to my life at all.

To say it was cathartic would be an understatement.  I don’t believe in carrying dead weight around in life especially when it comes to dealing with people who have no sense of reciprocity or those who don’t add value to my life.  I also don’t feel the need to let those people know they’re receiving the heave-ho out of my life.  If I’m deleting you, why would I waste minutes of my life sending you a dissertation via text or email as to why I’m deleting you?  It’s not even worth it.

Purging dead weight is something I would recommend everyone to do. Take an inventory of who’s in your life. Who are the people contributing to it? Who are the people leeching off it?  Then decide from there who has to go.

So you ask, what if those people call?  Well guess what? If you’re like me, you don’t answer numbers that aren’t in your contact list.  If they leave a message, there’s the delete button.  Hell, nowadays most cell phones have blocking capabilities, or an app that will screen unidentified calls for you.

Deleting people from you contact list is just one of many steps you can take to free yourself from people.  It’s a small step, but you have to start somewhere.


Clutchettes, if you had one person (or more) to delete from your phone’s contact list, who would it (they) be?

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