mlk_day-14935Monday is the official national holiday to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.  MLK was such a powerful and important figure that certain parts of his legacy have become cliché.  The most minimal of acknowledgments of Black History Month include his “I Have a Dream” speech.  But, hopefully you already know that MLK was more than that speech.

He was a man who had flaws, dreams, desires, ambitions, a sense of humor and a plan. The day that is designated to honor him is typically filled with lectures, volunteer opportunities and days off from school and work. Since MLK was such a proponent of education and activism, spending the day other than sleeping in seems appropriate. Do something for his special day that embodies the spirit of positive change through action.

Have you looked into the MLK celebrations in your area? What will you be doing to mark this auspicious day?

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  • Apple

    Coughing up a lung. I have stomach flu. But when I was a kid, we had a fair with rides but sadly white people would call in bomb threats(which would get everything cancelled) so we stop having it .

    • Glow

      Bet that is what they wanted. A part of Dr. King’s legacy was continuing on despite hardships.

    • Glow

      More than likely that is what they wanted; the festival to end. A part of Dr. King’s legacy was to continue his work despite hardships.

  • Lex

    Im marching from Emancipation Oak to the historical Ogden circle on the campus of my HBCU. Along with other students and organizations.

  • Mel Mel

    Working. *Side-eye*

  • lls

    Attending a symphony held in his honor at a local college

  • Amber R.

    Me too. Double pay, tho.