A 16-year-old high school student, who was roughed up by police, may have received injuries that could last him a lifetime.

Darrin Manning is currently wheelchair bound after having his genitals injured during a stop and frisk incident. According to Manning, as he was leaving the subway with teammates heading to a high school basketball game, they were confronted by police. Although the reasons as to why they were stop have not been released, Manning was put in handcuffs and received a pat down from a female officer. Manning says the officer squeezed his genitals so hard, it ruptured his testicle.

From Philly.com:

Police say one of the students “caught the attention” of officers stationed near the subway stop. As officers approached, the group scattered.

A surveillance video shows children running down Girard toward 15th Street, Manning among them. A police wagon – transporting a homeless man to a hospital, Ramsey said – pulls up as the group runs.

Since the surveillance footage was taken from a street camera that switches angles every 10 seconds, it is difficult to tell exactly what happened during Manning’s arrest.

But one segment of the video shows Manning walking around the side of the wagon, where an officer appears to push him up against the vehicle.

Later, Manning can be seen on the ground in what Ramsey called a struggle with officers. Several police cars, lights flashing, idle nearby. In another segment, he is standing, surrounded by officers.

“She patted me down again, and then I felt her reach, and she grabbed my butt. And then she grabbed and squeezed again and pulled down. And that’s when I heard something pop, like I felt it pop,” Manning said.

According to hospital records, the teen was admitted to the hospital the night after his arrest and needed emergency surgery.

“I’m just grateful that they didn’t just kill him,” said the boy’s, mother, Ikea Coney.

Manning’s injuries may be permanent can could prevent from fathering children.  Manning is now facing charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

“He don’t deserve no felony. He’s not a bad child. He’s not in the streets,” Coney said.

“I believe he was sexually assaulted,” said Veronica Joyner, founder of the Mathematics, Civics and Charter School.

Joyner says she was with Manning 10 minutes before the incident. She says this straight-A model student hasn’t had a single discipline problem in his three-year history at the school.

Philadelphia police have now launched an internal investigation.

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  • Cops the biggest gang in the world. I can’t believe they are still charging this boy after what happen to him. How could you go knowing you bust apart of someone private parts and taking away their chances of having children. Also isn’t a man police officer suppose to search a man or is it different for every police station.

    • Anthony

      Society tends to be stricter about men searching women than women searching men. For example, most states now forbid male guards watching prisoners women shower, but women still watch men. I think it is really stupid not to restrict women guards because in places like Baltimore, female guards have ended up pregnant by prisoners, which is really tacky.

      Depending on how badly this child was ruptured, he can still be fertile because he only needs one testes.

  • 1989

    “I’m just grateful that they didn’t just kill him,” said the boy’s, mother, Ikea Coney.

    Well if that isn’t the saddest thing I’ve read (in a while)…

  • Anthony

    Resisting arrest is the boy’s charge? I tell you what, there is not a man alive who would not be resisting if his balls were grabbed hard enough to bust one of them!

  • Tsaun

    I signed a petition from the color of change.org about this. Charges should be dropped against this young man who obviously is a good kid. He attended my husbands school and he had nothing bad to say about him.

    • Courtney H.

      I signed the petition, too.

  • mary burrell

    Where is the petition I sure will sign it? That officer needs to be fired and charged with sexual assault.