Last week, Prince filed a $22 million lawsuit against alleged music bootleggers who allegedly posted footage of his concerts on their Facebook pages and blogs. Apparently his “Royal Purpleness” had a change of heart.

According to legal documents filed in federal court in California, Prince has dropped the lawsuit “without prejudice”, which means he could actually refile the suit whenever he feels like it.  In the original lawsuit, Prince was going after 22 bloggers and Facebook users, suing them for $1 million each.

In a statement to TMZ, Prince’s lawyers explained why the singer dropped the lawsuit:

 “Because of the recent pressure, the bootleggers have now taken down the illegal downloads and are no longer engaging in piracy.”

“We recognize the fans craving for as much material as possible, but we’d prefer they get it from us directly than from third parties who are scalpers rather than real fans of our work.”


Well, that de-escalated quickly.

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