Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.11.19 AMLiving alone is awesome…until it’s not. But seriously, having a home to yourself is for the most part, a spectacular thing. Of course, it is not always that way though.  Here is an honest list of pros and cons for living alone as a single woman:

CON: I have to take out the trash.

What part of the game is this? This gathering up my own trash and putting it on the curb is for the birds, man. Boo. Just, boo.

Pro: I can listen to my favorite song 50-11 times.

I can get a tad obsessive about music. If a new album/song drops or I just get in the mood for a particular song, I will wear it out. Wear. It. Out. I don’t want to put on headphones either. Luther/Stevie/Beyoncé/Meek Mill(don’t judge me) or whoever must bounce off the walls.  If I lived with someone, said person might take issue with my obsessive music moments.  Plus, sometimes when I’m in a writing groove, I NEED to listen to a particular song over and over. Case in point is Meek Mill ft Drake, “Amen.” Something about the way they ride the beat makes me have to finish whatever sentence I’m writing.

Con: I have to kill things.

I’m the only person here to kill any creepy crawlies that make their way into my place. Unfair. Unfair, I say. I’m not scared of spiders or anything. I don’t scream when I see one. I’m quick with the shoe, but still.

Pro: My fridge and cupboards are filled with stuff I love.

Everything in my kitchen is something I like. Everything. No need to make due with a cereal I don’t like because I ran out of mine.

Con: Ain’t nobody dirtied up those dishes but me.
Damn it! There is no one to blame but my own self for a pile of dishes in the sink. Le sigh.

Pro: Who needs clothes?

I can run around butt booty naked or damn near with no fucks to give. That, my friend, is living the high life.

Con: No halfsies on anything.

No half on the rent/mortgage/groceries/lights/chores. Nothing, mayne. It’s kinda painful. So real in these streets.

Pro: My place looks like me.
I can decorate my place just as cute and not have to worry about anybody’s opinion. Are you paying a single solitary bill here? No? Ok then, yes this dream catcher is going right here and this accent wall shall be a deep purple and I will have my friend’s painting in the living room. Yep.

Do you live alone? What are your biggest pros and cons?

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