Queen Latifah had a good ol’ time on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.  The rapper/singer/actress/producer/tv host (Don’t you just love her?) was on the show with Cuba Gooding Jr.  A caller asked her if she would consider having a reunion with all of the Living Single ladies on her talk show.  The Queen seemed very amenable to that and made sure to say that they are all actual friends and it would great to get everybody in one place again.

I’d love to see a Living Single reunion on her show and I’d really love to see another show like Living Single on the air today.  I enjoyed Living Single when it was on the air, but I was a teenager living in Detroit back then and couldn’t fully appreciate all of the scenarios because I had not experienced any of those things yet. Now, as a 30-something New Yorker, it would be awesome to have a show like that on the air.

Single Ladies(which Queen Latifah’s company produces) is a cute and fun show, but it doesn’t have the same sisterly vibe of Living Single or Girlfriends and other sitcoms like those.

If there are to be another Living Single type show, who would you like to see starring in it?

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