Team USA’s  opening ceremony uniforms for the Sochi Olympics are a patchwork of American “symbolism”.  No one seems to know what the people at Ralph Lauren were thinking when it comes to the design, but unlike the China made uniforms from 2 years ago, these were at least made in ‘Murica.

“We’ve learned a lot,” concedes David Lauren, Ralph’s son and the company’s executive vice president of global advertising, marketing and communications. “This is an important issue for many Americans and one we have fully embraced, and we want to continue to lead the way and find all kinds of vendors who can produce amazing products made in America.”

I’m not even sure if Bill Cosby would approve of those sweaters.

On the brighter side, at least they don’t look like Germany’s cornucopia of colors that look like Rainbow Brite and her crew threw up all over:German Olympic And Paralympic Team Kit Handover

Come February, let’s root for Team USA, even though they’re wearing sweat pants and a quilter’s nightmare.  But then again, taking a second look at Germany’s uniform, the uniform is not so bad after all.

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  • MimiLuvs

    The USA sweater reminds me of something I would’ve worn, when I was five years old, for my school’s “Picture Day” (and I would’ve taken a picture with the “ranch-country field and the fence” in the background). Of course, my mother would’ve picked out the outfit and then styled my hair with a gazillion ponytails that was held up with ribbons and barrettes.
    Germany’s uniform was made to make a statement… A statement that would’ve been marked with exclamation points, asterisk symbols, accent symbols, back slash, forward slash, period signs and clef notes.

  • K

    i guess im the lone wolf….i actually like the sweater its looks like what winter and american representation at an event would look like *ducks back in room*

  • Young Shabazz

    The US sweaters look like what Ralph Lauren has been doing for years. It’s not for me, but they’ve been doing that patchwork style for awhile now.

    And look at Germany not looking aggressive. It’s a tactic, everything germany wears needs to look peaceful and inviting. FOREVER.