Current month’s issue! Go, Ms. Winfrey!

Years ago, when Oprah Winfrey launched her O magazine, people thought it was quite egotistical of her to be the only cover model. Every month.  But honestly, if I had Oprah’s money, and could launch a magazine as well, I’d probably do the same thing.

But those lovely O covers may be coming to an end soon. The supermarket check out aisles will never be the same. Because technically that’s the only time I ever read the magazine.  Have you seen the price of mags these days?

According to New York Post’s Page Six:

Hearst staffers say Oprah Winfrey is sick of shooting her O magazine covers and is going to retire from doing them soon — even though she typically knocks out three covers in one daylong shoot. Now editors are scrambling on how to handle the covers. One option they’re considering is to decorate big letter O’s, depending on the month

Decorated O’s?

I’m going to need them to come up with a better idea than that.



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